In receipt of $500 for the purchase of a Newfoundland puppy.



1.  This deposit is not refundable if purchaser changes his/her mind regarding puppy or if there are insufficient puppies in the litter to satisfy the demand.  The buyer will simply move up waiting list.  The purchase price of the puppy is $2500. (Effective July 1, 2012)


2.  The breeder’s decision is final as to the puppy you receive, but we will make very effort to provide you with the puppy you want.


3.  A female puppy is purchased with the understanding that she will be spayed within the 1st year of birth unless she is co-owned by the breeder.  The only exception will be if there is an understanding with an approved Newfoundland breeder prior to deposit.   Registration papers will be held by breeder until proof of spaying is provided.


4.  A male puppy is purchased with the understanding that he will be neutered within the 1st year of birth unless there is prior agreement that the dog might be shown.  In the event the dog is shown and it is eventually proven he is not show quality, he must be neutered.  All male pups will be registered under a “limited registration”.


5.  The yard of the buyer must be fenced before taking possession of the puppy unless prior understanding exists between buyer and seller regarding fence to be built.


6.  All show potential puppies will be evaluated between 9 to 12 months.  If deemed show quality in the breeder’s sole opinion, the limited registration will be changed to a full registration.  The breeder reserves the right to co-own the puppy if she desires.





Arbitration Clause


Any dispute arising between the parties to this Agreement or any breach thereof shall be submitted to and determined by arbitration in the State of  Virginia before the American Arbitration Association, and in Accordance with the rules then obtaining of said Association and the laws of the State of Virginia.




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