Alisa Grubb -- 
I purchased my Newfoundland puppy, Dreyfuss, from Debbie on 2/24/07. I could not have been happier about the whole process. Debbie was very helpful and informative about the Newfoundland breed and all of its specifics. Her dogs are of such wonderful temperment and physical beauty. Not to mention that her and her husband, Marv, were very welcoming when I went out to visit then for the first time. Their Newfs are truly "angels on earth".

Dreyfuss has been very responsive to training and was house trained within a few weeks (very rare for a puppy as I'm told). He plays wonderfully with other dogs and is very gentle with children. He brings love and happiness wherever he goes. Until I had my own Newfoundland, I did not know that it was possible to have this kind of love and caring for a dog. Cypress Bay Newfoundlands was by far, the best experience that I had with the Newfoundland breeders that I chose to research. I send my thanks to Debbie (and of course, Dreyfuss' parents) for the awesome gift of my baby Newf!!