Brian & Kathleen Fromme-- Forest Hill, Maryland
We had the pleasure of meeting Deb and Marv Thornton over 10 years ago when we were looking for our first Newfoundland. After several telephone conversations and the opportunity to meet Deb's dogs in real life we quickly decided that not just any Newfoundland would do. We had to have a Cypress Bay. Deb's knowledge and the caring environment in which she raised her puppies was unmatched by any of the other breeders we had spoken to or visited.

Deb concern for her puppies' welfare continues long after they leave her home and throughout their entire life. Deb has never been too busy to help with questions or give guidance from the day we brought home our first Newf over 10 years ago and once again after our second Newf nearly 4 years ago.

We will always be grateful to Deb for breeding the wonderful, beautiful and sweet tempered "members of our family." "Maris Ann" and "Andrew" have enriched our lives beyond our imagination.

Both Andrew and Maris achieved their Therapy Dog (TDI) titles and Maris Ann had a long career visiting a nursing home and the children at The Maryland School for the Blind.

We anticipate the day when we leave Deb's driveway with another puppy sitting on my lap.