Elizabeth Dubreuil -- Nevada
I feel very fortunate to have met Deb and Marv. I never really thought we would have a chance to get a pup from such a well-respected kennel. I was not able to attend the Nationals in Monterey due to a family emergency, but when I came back, I heard wonderful things about Baby from my fellow Newf club members. I decided then and there we would make time to visit the kennels and that I was ready to have 2 Newfs. My husband Gene and I made the trip in September 2005. Deb was extremely open and friendly and her kennels were immaculate. We met Baby and all the other Cypress Bay Newfs (even the Porties). We were impressed with Deb's willingness to talk with us and show us the history of Cypress Bay. At the time Baby was the Number 1 Newf in the Country; however, Deb made the time to show us her kennel and I really believe we got a good feel for each other. I went straight to my checkbook and made a puppy deposit.

I knew there would be a litter on the ground in October, but I was not expecting a pup until the next fall. We were secretly hoping that a Baby breeding would produce our next pup. Then very unexpectedly, Deb called me just after Christmas 2005. She said she had a pup from the Mick and Lily breeding (a repeat breeding) and that she had someone who couldn't take him-Did I want to take him? I admit that we were a bit nervous, why was she presenting this pup to us, weren't we suppose to wait several more months for our pup?

Flying to Virginia to pick up that pup was the best decision we ever made. Cully is everything we wanted. He is beautiful, has gorgeous movement, and has tons of personality. I never thought I would be blessed with the love of my life twice. I fell in love with Cully immediately and I can only hope he is with me for a long time to come. I am grateful every day for this wonderful boy and we have such high hopes for him. He is an excellent swimmer and has taken to water work quickly. He earned his first point at 6 months by taking BOW. If he ever becomes a Champion it will just be icing on the cake. His temperament and personality are everything you expect in a Newf and a true testament to the breed.

In addition, you can be assured that if you visit Deb and Marv they will make you at home and answer all your questions. Marv even made me toast! I appreciate Deb and Marv opening up their home to us. I also appreciate all the tips on feeding raw. As I keep in touch with Deb on Cully's progress I know I can count on her for any guidance or assistance we may need in the future. I know we will be watching her breeding plans and looking for another great Cypress Bay Newf in the future.

PS: I also appreciate Harry (Lily's Dad) who was there socializing my pup and getting him ready for the trip to Reno, NV. Peggy Lange (Baby's Mom) has also been of great assistance to us. I feel like I joined the Cypress Bay family now.