John & Jennifer Truitt--  Chicago, Illinois
My husband and I aren't show dog people, we're not a part of any clubs or inner circles where everyone knows each others dogs and  their lineage.... it was just a life long dream of mine to have a Newfie-- just a friendly, devoted, beautiful pet.   We researched breeders, visited homes and talked to plenty of people (vets, other breeders etc).   The day we met Debbie and Marv was the day we knew where we would get a puppy from.... and we did have to wait.  Their stunning home, their devoted children and their forthright attitudes ALL demonstrated a respectful regard for these breathtaking animals.   One story I share repeatedly is how Deb & Marv got to know us, questioned us about our lifestyle, our home, our attitudes and philosophies; I encountered a man once who, while discussing Newfs and breeders because he was looking for a pup, said to me,  "Oh I know who she is (Deb)-- she asked us way too many questions" to which I replied,  " Steve, that's precisely why we wanted to get a dog from Debbie"    Debbie and Marv have been there for us for 10 years. 

10 years ago, March 5th 1993, your little Cozy gave birth to a very special litter of pups...... Hallie was 10 yesterday.  And our lives have been forever changed.

I thank God each and every night for bringing all of you into our life.   We love her so much.  I still remember, vividly, the day we came and picked her up to bring her home.... you yelled out to us as we drove down the driveway, John rolled down the window to listen and you said,  "Hold her while you can!"

.... and we have been .... ever since.

Our little girls is still hanging in there but we will get another pup from Cypressbay someday.   Every single day of our lives; any walk you take, any veterinarian you meet, any child who climbs all over her back ..... everyone responds the same way.... what a strikingly, beautiful, kind and gentle animal.

We love you guys!