Ken Smith, Philadelphia, PA.
I saw the Newfs at the Philadelphia Dog Show in "92" and knew that this was the breed for me. I purchased the book, "This is the Newfoundland" and quickly read about them and checked the local paper for breeders.

My first was a girl named Shana and in "94" I was ready to add a second. Being smarter this time, I was determined to find a good breeder and was referred to Debbie at Cypress Bay.

Armed with the knowledge I had read about, I called Debbie and was hoping to impress her with what I knew about the breed. One phone call later, I realized how much I did not know. My first Newf from Cypress Bay was a boy named Cody and he was a sweetheart. Deb tried to show me the ropes about grooming but again, I found out how far in over my head I had become. I quickly determined that it was better for me to keep up with the brushing and combing and to leave the grooming to the experts. A few years later I added Dallas to the mix, again from Debbie and now had a total of three. Deb and Marv became good friends and I have made a lot of new friends through them.

It is now ten years later and I am still working on knowing everything about Newfs. The three Newfs I have now, Montana, Casey, and well as Shana, Cody and Dallas are all certified therapy dogs.

The best thing to happen to me was meeting Debbie and Marv, who have always been there and would help me with any problem I might have. Deb's phone number is my 911. She is a good friend and will always take the time to talk and answer any of your questions, as I can attest, because I am still asking and learning.

If you buy a dog from Deb, the best advice I can give is to listen, because you will learn a lot.