Marilyn Babcock of State College, Pa.
"I currently own two of Debbie's dogs. Otis is our first and for nine years and four months has been the love of my life. He received his Championship in just ten months. Weber is two now and is not only a beautiful dog but also very smart. They both possess the gentle personality that Newfs are known for and are beautiful animals. I doubt there are many breeders anywhere that have been as helpful as Debbie has been to me. She always has made time to help with any problems that have come up and her advice and guidance over the last nine years have been invaluable. Debbie Thornton is not just a breeder of Newfoundland's but also a teacher and support team for you throughout the wonderful years you will have with your Newf."

P.S. (Oct. 2004) - Otis is now 11 1/2 and still doing well. He looks forward to his nightly trip down to the apple trees to eat apples every day and over all is enjoying life very much. He is truly an amazing dog.