Stephanie, Scott, Max and Caroline Davis -- 
I am writing to express my appreciation for being the breeder who brought us our two much loved Newfies, Tilly and Mr. Big. From the day I first wrote, you have been the exact kind of person we had been looking for in our search to add more Newfoundlands to our family. Not only are you a responsible dog breeder in that you take wonderful care of your dogs, give them all the health checks required and then some, you also give each one of them such care, attention and love and that comes out in the puppies that have made their way into our homes.

As anyone who has been on the search for a Newfie knows, it's not always easy to find someone to sell you a dog...and don't get me wrong, you have "requirements" for those of us who are looking for a puppy, but, it is difficult to find a breeder who will sell you that healthy puppy with a great temperament who comes from healthy parents and then grows up to be a gorgeous animal, unless you already show Newfs. I feel so fortunate that, even though we just wanted a dog to love and adore and not to show, you were happy (once you got to know us!) to have us take one of your adorable puppies home. It's so nice to know that there are people out there like you doing responsible breeding AND will sell to "pet" homes. So, thank you for that!

In our visits to your house, we loved our time playing with the big dogs and always encouraged our trips to Scottsville and welcomed my family and me into your home. It was great to be in the environment the dogs lived in and see where the puppies spent the first part of their lives. The place is unbelievably immaculate, safe and their are plenty of places for everyone to play. From my first visit, I felt so good about you and knew that we would be fortunate to have one of your dogs. I also have to tell you, it was especially touching for me to see the love, care and effort you gave to a puppy from one of your litters who was injured. I know many other breeders would never have spent the time, energy and money to help that sweet little girl recover. It meant so much to me that you did that...thank you!

As you know, we are crazy about our Newfies who came from Cypress Bay. They are both healthy, funny, intelligent, sweet (especially Tilly!) and gorgeous dogs (though Mr. Big prefers 'handsome'!) You have always been there for us whenever we've needed guidance or had a love our stories about them and the pictures, and never give me a hard time about sending too many!!! My hope is that our two Newfs, live very, very long lives and I will not have to come back to you anytime soon for another sweet dog...but, I know that if I do, you will be there to help us bring one more Cypress Bay Newf into our lives. And, I am certain that puppy, as all of your Newfs are, will be one who touches our hearts and makes us so very grateful that you and your dogs are a part of our lives.

Thank you for everything!